Why A Wedding Videographer Is Worth The Investment

At Luxiar Wedding Photography, our main focus is providing our clients with stunning, magical photos from their wedding that are going to last a lifetime. Luxiar also offers video services for weddings as well; and although videos might not be as popular as photographs, there are definitely some great reasons why investing in wedding cinematographer is absolutely worth it.

A wedding video is something you’re able to watch over and over again until the end of time. It captures the scenery, the guests, the emotions, the happiness and most importantly it captures the love of everyone at the wedding. Here are some really important reasons to keep in mind when considering a wedding videographer.

Unexpected Moments

Photography is an absolute must, the photos are planned in advanced but there are definitely moments that we capture in our photos that are absolutely unexpected. The same happens with video. So many unseen moments happen that you may not be able to see again unless your wedding was recorded on video. Weddings are such an emotional and beautiful event, it takes people by surprise. Having a videographer ensures you don’t miss those moments and if you do, ensures you’ll be able to watch it later (and for the rest of your lives).

Capturing Moments

Videos capture certain moments in a way that photos can’t. When you think about it – how many movies have you sat through with a box of tissues in hand? Would you have had the same reaction if you simply looked at photos of the film? Likely not. Video can elicit emotions for decades after your big day and you’ll be able to experience those same butterflies you felt on your wedding day over and over again.

Wedding Experience

As the bride and groom, there are going to be many moments that will go unseen from your eyes. While you’re getting ready, while you’re having your photos taken as the newlyweds, there are many instances where you won’t see what your guests are doing or if anything really great happens while you were out. Hiring a videographer is a way to be able to go back and see all of the amazing highlights of your day that went unseen the day of. Watch your bride or groom getting ready to meet you at the alter. See your family tearing up as you speak your vows to each other. With video, those moments will be captured so it’s like you’re living your big day all over again.

One of the biggest regrets we hear as a company is that they wish they would have had a video of their big day as well as photos. It may cost more upfront, but when you’re making the decision – keep these thoughts in mind… This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’d love to ensure you can keep it with you forever.