Beautiful Wedding Trends of 2017

We’re heading full gear into wedding season, and there are definitely some trends that we’ve been seeing popping up all over social media as well as in real life. We’ve gathered a few of our absolute favourite trends of this year and have brought them together into one blog post for your convenience.

Atmosphere & Accents

Vintage Glamour – vintage hair pieces incorporated with modern jewelry and a sleek dress is an example of how to bring vintage glam to your wedding. Or if you’re getting married in an older venue, spice things up with over the top floral arrangements to mix a little bit of old with a little bit of new.

Think Pink! – Pink is HOT this year, but we don’t mean every single thing at your wedding needs to be pink. The opposite! Splashes of pink here and there is the most popular use. Blush pink florals or pink shoes to walk down the isle. It’s feminine and it’s chic! A perfect combo.

Metallics¬†– For bride’s opting to go with a black tie theme for their wedding know that metallics are a great accent to use instead of a ton of colour. Gold, rose gold and even silver are a great way to spice up a black & white event and you can use it in so many different places!


Flowers are a HUGE deal at weddings, they’re a huge investment both in time and in money so it’s absolutely something you want to get bang on.

Romantic Flowers – you know those flowers you swoon over all day on Instagram? They are so in for weddings right now. Peonies, roses, and dahlias are just some of the blooms that you can have easily incorporated into your wedding arrangements and bouquets.

Lush – tall glass trumpet vases are all the rage (again) making for extremely beautiful, over-the-top, lush flower arrangements. With this style, the bigger – the better!

Whimsical – Incorporate tropical flowers or small potted plants into your wedding can create a sense of whimsical beauty! This is the perfect solution for brides who want easy arrangements while maintaining a sense of elegance.


Matchy – Use your invitations as a way to show your guests what to expect. Match them with the wedding decor you have planned or even the fashion you want your guests to be inspired by.

Handmade – Handmade anything always brings personality and love into your wedding. Handmade invitations are all the rage (and they can even save you some money!).


All Custom – Custom menus are a¬†great way to show your guests your true personality, whether it’s through dishes that mean something special to you and your significant other, or if it’s a dish that is representative of your culture! Custom is always in style.

Local – Keeping the menu local is a huge trend right now. Sourcing all local ingredients and creating fantastic meals from them have caught on and so many people are incorporating this into their wedding.

Pairing – Pairing food with the wine served at your wedding dinner has caught on and become a huge trend. Carefully selecting everything for your guests, and pairing the options with the available wine is not only thoughtful, it makes for a stellar culinary experience.