Important Last Minute “To-Dos” The Week Of Your Wedding

The week leading up to your wedding can be a very stressful time. There’s probably a thousand things going through your mind, not to mention the utter excitement because your wedding day is finally arriving! Although you’re absolutely more than ready for this big day – you don’t want to forget something small… that’s where this list comes in! Check these off your list the week before your wedding and you’ll be set!

Get In Touch With Your Vendors

This is the time to make sure everyone is on the same page. Touch base with your caterer and make sure the number of plates is accurate (include your photographer and your musical entertainment!) plus a few extra meals they’re going to need to prep just in case. Touch base with your venue to provide a final headcount. Provide the event manager with the names and contact for all of your vendors (ie. florist, DJ, ect.) just in case. Supply the manager with a schedule of the events as well so they know when every other vendor is supposed to arrive.

Establish Point People

Having various people designated for specific things is one of the best ideas to plan out before your wedding. Have a close friend or family member ensure that any extra items you need for your ceremony (ie. A glass bottle) are there at the front before the ceremony begins. Have a designated person, whose name has been given to the event manager prior, for any questions during the dinner or the ceremony to avoid disrupting the bride and groom. Decide if your MOH or Best Man should be the emergency contact – so that if anything goes wrong they are the person to talk to who will help sort it all out.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Make a list of items you’re going to need to pack and double check it. Go through every possibility in your head of what you could possibly need and make sure it makes it into your suitcase. No matter if you’re getting married 5 minutes away or heading out to a destination wedding when you don’t have something important with you, it can be the worst. You don’t want to be waking up at 5 am on your wedding day and trying to rush around to pack – do it before hand and you’ll save yourself a ton of stress.

Treat Yo’Self

Make sure to schedule (and attend) any beauty appointments that you’ll need before your wedding day. Grab a pedicure/manicure a couple days before your wedding, a massage if you’re feeling tense, a facial (that you’ve had before so you know how your skin is going to react) a day before, your waxing a couple days before and your hair and makeup for the day of. This goes for the groom too! You definitely want to make sure everyone is looking their best.

Arrange For Help

If you have any older guests coming in from out of town, arrange help for them to make it to their hotel and/or your venue. A shuttle is a great way to get many people from point A to point B. Arrange for any pick-ups or drop-offs for these guests and they’ll be the happiest ever!


You’re going to want to hand off the following items before you dive into the excitement of your big day…

  1. Marriage license to your officiant.
  2. Give gifts at the rehearsal dinner.
  3. Give your parents a gift the night before, and give each other your gifts as well.
  4. Give the rings to the MOH & Best Man before the ceremony.
  5. Officiant fee envelop to the Best Man to be handed off after the ceremony.
  6. Any items that need to go on the tables at the reception to the site manager before the ceremony.

Ensure The Attire Is Ready

Figure out when you need to get your wedding dress steamed (probably look into this more than a week before your wedding) and bring your dress in for a steam clean. But, the trick is to not put the dress on once it’s been steamed or it will get wrinkled again – you have to wait until your big day! Keep it in a garment bag and hang it in a closet of a smoke-free and pet-free room.

Do you have any other tips that you’d recommend for brides the week before the wedding? Leave it in the comments below!

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