ffxiv kholusian king crab

King crab is a high-end ingredient, such as steaming, sashimi, and simmering, which can maintain its original flavor. Today I am sharing with you the three eats of Alaskan king crab! Why is it called Three Eats? Because a king crab can be eaten in three different ways, namely, Qiandao juice, and osmanthus fry. First, cut off the legs and feet of the king crab with scissors, open the crab cover and clean it, remove the crab gills, and keep the crab cover dressed. When serving, clean the crab claws of the king crab with a clean small brush!.So,how to boil ffxiv kholusian king crab louisiana style?

cook king crab

First, let's introduce the ingredients needed for the typhoon shelter. 1. Prepare ingredients, king crab legs, bread crumbs, garlic seeds. 2, accessories, green onion 3, seasoning, garlic powder, pepper powder, seven-flavored salt, chili powder, monosodium glutamate, instant noodle seasoning bag, salt and pepper 4. Wash the crab legs and change the knife into four centimeters in length.So,how to split alaskan cook king crab?

crab king cajun

5. Peel the garlic and cut it into mashed garlic, rinse with water, and control the moisture for later use..So,how do you reheat crab king cajun in the oven?

6. Heat the pot, the oil temperature is 30% hot, add bread crumbs and fry until lightly yellow, remove, fry garlic until golden brown, remove and drain the oil for later use.

7. Pour the fried bread crumbs and minced garlic together, add seasoning 3 and stir well, the typhoon shelter is ready for use.

8. Heat the oil in a pot, the oil temperature is 70% hot. Coat the legs of the king crab with a little dry cornstarch, pour in the king crab legs and fry until they are five mature, then raise the oil temperature and fry them until they are eight mature..

9. Pour the chili oil into the pot, pour in the fried king crab legs and fry until they are colored, pour into the typhoon shelter and stir-fry until the typhoon shelter is evenly wrapped around the legs of the king crab, pour in the shallots and stir-fry until it breaks. ..

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